Monday, August 23, 2010

・kiwi custard croissant ・

Today I introduce a super easy sweets again.
(Because about 80% are instant ingredients :b)
This sweet called ・kiwi custard croissant ・
From the name, I think you guys can figure out about the composition. Those are kiwi + custard + croissant.

This sweet is for those who don't have the oven or who are too tired.
You just make the custard ahead and mix with any fruit you like.

Today's custard recipe is from the book below.
This book is full of simple recipe while looking so flavorful.
And as you see that it's a sweet that made from fruits so I think it leaves us less guilt while we eating them.

・kiwi custard croissant ・
Make 10 pieces

Mini Croissant 10 pieces
(Custard cream)
Egg yolk 3
Sugar 60 grams
Flour 30 grams
Vanilla bean
Milk 250 ml.

1.Making custard cream, Combine egg yolk and sugar in a bowl whisking until you got paler color. Put flour in the bowl, combine them together.
2. Put vanilla bean in milk and bring it on low fire. When hot, pour the ingredient into the bowl in (1.) and pour in back to the pot. Bring it on low to medium fire until well blended.

When you finished making custard, leave it to cool then we do the assemble.
Cut kiwi into square, mixing with the custard. Cut croissant halfway, put in ready mixed kiwi and custard. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

See, it's very easy. Don't forget to try some. :)


  1. ดูง่ายจริงๆด้วยนะคะ chef !!

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