Tuesday, March 22, 2011

・Mango mousse cheesecake ・

It's Summer in Thailand!!

Even though we had a weird weather last week.

19 degree centigrade!! OMG!!
This is colder than the coldest night of our winter.

(Average winter in BKK is about 20 something - nearly 30. How sad. T T Girls here never have a chance for Winter collection :( )

As you can see from the chart below. Actually we has 3 seasons; Summer, Rainy and Winter. But since there is no different between seasons, so we frequenly say that, in Thailand we got 3 season; Summer, Summer - er, and Summer - est. ;b

So.. if you love sunshine, this is your heaven.

The next thing that we think about when it's come to Summer is .. summer fruits.
Mango, Durian (I don't like it but my mom does), coconut, watermelon, tamarind, etc.
And this time I choose mango to play big role in my dessert.
Mango is one of the most famous fruit in Summer. Due to it's aroma and taste.
It is good to be eat raw and ripe.

Raw style; we dip it in sweet sauce that will balance it's sourness.

Ripe style; we eat ripe mango with sweet sticky rice topped by coconut milk and sprinkle with white sesame. Yumm :9

Even Swensen's also has this special menu on Summer. Love it.

This time I try using mango in my dessert. Because I got many ripe mangoes right now.

So this is the good way to execute them. :)

Source of the recipe here.
And since it's in Thai, this is my translated version.

・Mango mousse cheesecake ・
I halfed this recipe and got 12 mini cheesecakes.
And you can switch mango to strawberry or other fruits you like.



Biscuit 200 grams
Salted butter (melted) 80 grams
Creamcheese 250 grams
Sugar 1/2 cup
1 Lime
Gelatin 3 sheets
2 Ripe mangoes (Peel and diced)
Whipping cream 1/2 cup

Mango topping

Ripe mango 200 grams (diced)
Sugar 40 gram
Water 40 gram
Yogurt / whiiping cream 150 gramg
Gelatin 3 sheets


  • Break biscuit, combine with melted butter and press in the cheesescake pan. Chill.

  • Soak gelatin sheets in cold water until they're soften. Put in microwave for 1 min.

  • Beat creamcheese with lime juice, melted gelatin and sugar until smooth.

  • Fold in mango and pour in prepared tin. Chill until firm.

Mango Topping

  • Soak gelatin sheets in cold water until they're soften.

  • In the pot over low heat, mix all ingredient except yogurt / whipping cream. Bring to boil.

  • Add yogurt. Stir to cool down the sauce and blend in the blender.

  • Pour on the chilled cheesecake. Chill overnight.

Enjoy. ;b

Next time I think I will change biscuit crust to sweet sticky rice. You think it'll work?

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