Monday, March 7, 2011

・ Banana chocolate mousse ・

Last Friday I went to Nagiya restaurant at Nihonmachi in soi Sukhumvit 26.

(This is also my favorite restaurant :3) This restaurant is a izakaya style restaurant.
When I came here, I feel like I'm in Japan. :)
They serve japaneese dishes and liquor. All dish taste authentic (maybe it's because of the atmosphere.)
My favorite dish is kimchi nabe and all yakitori dishes. (That's mean all :b)
Though I love the food and atmosphere but what I find it quite annoy is the chorus of waiters, waitresses that keep yelling in my ears.
I understand the tradition but this is too much. I can't keep concentrate on our table's topic and sometimes it makes me startle.
You can read (other's) review here.

After we finished the meal, I ordered chocolate mousse (that is also gooood :9) but unfortunately that they don't have any left. :(

So here comes my version of chocolate mousse and because I still have bananas left from making banoffee pie so I add it up together.

Actually I got this recipe from someone's blog, but really sorry that I don't remember where. Thank you for your recipe. It's really good. :)

・Banana chocolate mousse ・

Makes about 8 serving cups


Milk chocolate 100 g

Dark chocolate 150 g

3 egg white

1/2 cup syrup

250 g whipping cream



1. Melting chocolate on double boiler once melted, set aside.

2. Beat egg white until having soft peak add warm syrup. Beat until you got stiff peak. Fold in chocolate ingredient.

3. Whip whipping cream until stiff peak form, fold into no.2 ingredient.

4. Scoop on serving dish, add banana and chill over the night.

Enjoy :)

By the way, did anyone watch "Black Swan" yet?

I love it.

This movie makes my eyes stick on screen all the way.

Natalie's acting is super good. I think she deserves Oscar.

What do you think?

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