Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Restaurant review ・ Mizu's Kitchen ・

I've found this restaurant in 'a day' magazine.
Normally it's a teenagers magazines that present about new / different way of thinking.
But this issue is different. They present 100 yummy restaurants in Thailand and I think it's interesting because most of them have their unique style / selling point.

And for our first try we choose Mizu's Kitchen that is located near my bf's office so we don't have to waste much time on the road on our Friday night.

This restaurant is in Patpong area, where I don't think it's a dinner place at all. We lost in ago-go land and have to deny many shows those offer us for about 15 mins and finally we found it.

"Mizu's Kitchen"

Patpong soi 1, left hand side.

A retro style decoration

We ordered 2 recommended menus, Sarika beef steak and Stroganof rice.

They were delicious, the beef steak and beef in stroganof rice were taste good, soft and tender. They also provide the steak sauce separately but we think it's too salty so we didn't pour them all.

The size of steak platter is quite small while Stroganof rice is quite big.

This meal cost us about 500 Baht. including beer. Reasonable.

So.. if you have chance to stop by around Patpong area, let's try. :)

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