Friday, December 3, 2010

・Sophie Dahl's Omelette Arnold Bennett ・

Hi! everyone.

Since this week I'm alone in the house.
So I don't have pre-packed breakfast from my mom and I have to make it myself.
Sometimes I quite jealous those who can drink only coffee and count that as their breakfast.
It looks so easy, compare to me that have to eat a big meal breakfast.

But once you start eating a real meal on your breakfast, you can't turn back to your "coffee only" breakfast again.
You will be super starving and won't have any energy to do things.
(Am I too dramatize ? ;b)

Another shameful reason is that my stomach is a super grumpy one. If you don't feed it on time, it will rumbling like it says "Feed me... feed meeee......". LOL LOL
It's sound is super loud and will increasing the volume until I feed it.

And because I have to take care of everything before I leave the house, feeding cats, dogs, and fish, I have to choose less complicated and quickly prepared recipe.

And I found this,

What I love about the recipe is all ingredients are basic ingredients that most kitchens already has plus the procedure that is quick and easy.
I did adjust a little by adding cooked rice to help me survive until noon. (As I said, I need a BIG meal breakfast. :) )
And because I didn't have creme fraishe so I made it up by adding yogurt into whipping cream. Here is the direction. (Thanks to khun Pook from Dailydelicious. :) )

Now... my failure's turn, see .. even the easiest recipe, I still made mistake.
How incredible I am. LOL LOL

I bring the omelette out of the oven too soon and the egg still raw. - -'

But it is easy to fix, I just put it back in the oven. Haha..
And I garuntee that the taste is still good.
I think this is a great combination like Miss Dahl said; Parmesan, eggs, and fish these ingredients brings a spectacular taste and aroma. Ummm... :9

And this is Lamewliving's version of Omeltte Arnold Bennett.

Tada !!

Yum. :)

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