Friday, June 25, 2010

・Homemade cottage cheese ・

I will have my MBA reunion on Saturday, thus I plan to make lemon cheese pie.
But first, I have to prepare the most important ingredient, "COTTAGE CHEESE".

I have made ・
homemade creamcheese before and it has the same mean.
The differ is how you choose milk. If it is full cream, you will have creamcheese at the end. But if you want cottage cheese like me, you have to select the low fat one.

So, shall we?
(Please be apologized about my untidy kitchen and unfocused pictures, I'm in a snobberry of my new iPhone app ;b)

・ Put 1 litre of low fat milk into the pot over low heat.

・ Heating until you got 60・C milk.

・ Pouring yogurt (about 150 ml.) into the milk.

Close the lid and leave it for night, I leave it in the oven.

Morning after, you will see that the texture is more thick. Now you got ・ homemade yogurt ・.
I reserve about 150 ml (Heard that it is good for constipated people).

Then, follow me to the next step.

・ Find a bowl, put a sieve on it and cover with a piece of fabric.

・ Pouring yogurt into to sieve and leave it for a night in the fridge.

This is where I am now. My cottage cheese will be ready this night. I'll update since it is finished. Keep your fingers cross for me. :b

Now I'm back. Let's see what I got.
285 grams cottage cheese. Yeah!!
Plus a lot of clear yellow liquid called "WHEY". You also drink it for the better excretion, too.

ฺีBut the bad news is, I need 450 grams of cottage cheese. That means I still need 165 grams more and I don't have enough time to do it. So.. I guess I have to find new recipe.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy making your own cottage cheese.
Actually I don't think it is much cheeper than in the supermarket. (About 0.06 Baht per gram cheaper ;b)
but you can assure the cleanliness - or you can say "dirtiness" if you talk about my kitchen. haha..
And above all I think you can be proud. :)


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