Thursday, July 1, 2010

・Petite chocolate muffin with macademia and chocolate chips ・

According to my previous blog, I got the new mission to find new recipe for my friends party.
Therefore, after browsing million webs, here come the recipe that I have made.

"Petite chocolate muffin with macademia and chocolate chips"

Impressive, huh...? If you wanna try the recipe please follow the link here (Thai) or here (English).
(I'm a hugh fan of this blog. Her sweets look nice and makes me wanna try every of them.)

I do
adjusted a little by changing white chocolate chips into macademia, and the taste still good.
Actually, I kind of not like to bake chocolate cake because cacao powder in chocolate cake recipe usually make the cake have dry texture.

After I've try this, I have to admit that I think the cake have a bit dry texture but the taste is o.k. and others love it. :D
And that's more important, right?

That makes me urging to find for more of new recipes. So I browsing the web for new books and finally I buy online 12 new cookbooks!!
Oh my God.. I can't believe what I've done. o . o '

Let's see what recipe that I will come up to after reading all 12. :)


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